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Regain confidence in your own parenting style

  • You feel like your spinning all the plates and feel like you have a to do list that keeps getting longer.
  • You struggle with finding the energy and feel like just getting 8hr sleep is self-care.
  • You are overwhelmed with what strategy is best for parenting and feel like your winging it.
  • You struggle with all the perfect family posts and feel guilty as a mum who hasn’t got her shit together.

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

So many mums find being a parent hard for so many reasons. The lack of sleep, the overwhelm and feeling like they are alone in this. We have exceeded expectations of what a mum should be and it’s exhausting.

We have our child and we try everything to be the best “Parent” and feel disheartened as you compare. The thing is every child is completely different, so what if there is a way to connect with your own parenting style to suit both of your needs? 

Our mission is to support mums so that they can connect with their child and enjoy this journey called parenting.

There is!!!

I’m sooo excited to introduce:


Inside Mum VIBE Tribe, we don’t just look at one part of parenting, we help you on your parenting journey in a holistic way. You’ll find emotional support that will help you connect with your mind, body and soul.

It’s a place for Mums to connect with each other but mainly with themselves gaining confidence in a parenting style that suits you to lead a life of no dramas! You want to be the mum everyone wishes they had, fun, full of energy and confident in your actions without any worries or guilt.

The answers to all your questions are already there and here in the membership I will show you how to connect intuitively with what parenting style to suit you.


About me

Hi I’m Lucy, I feel being a mum can be the hardest job in the world if you let it, we never really know what journey all of us have been on to get the miracle they call their baby. It’s a mixture of emotions and we get so much advice from lots of different experts and never really know which one is the right one?  I see so many mums lack confidence in themselves and it’s sad because I felt like I had lost time in this place.

I’m here to guide you on this journey. I have 14 years experience (yes I have a TEENAGER!!) of being a parent and 6 years of working at the baby shows so I will be sharing all my knowledge along with guest experts inside Mum VIBE Tribe.










Every month a guest expert will feature on a specific topic to help you move past obstacle’s you may face. This will be in the membership portal and you will have access to previous workshops


This is a support group where you get to connect with other mums who have children of a similar age. A place to laugh, cry and make life long friends.


Twice a month I will be going through any questions and help support you.


Get access to discounts off some amazing aligned brands.

Join as a founding member for just £22

Still on the fence about it?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you join us and you’re not satisfied here…

 You have 14 days to get your money back, my main proirity is to help support as many mums as possible which is why the offer is at a low cost. I believe service to others gives fulfillment.

Online is where we can connect with other mums around the world it’s the Mum VIBE Tribe











What happens after I join?

First do a little dance as this is the first step to feel like you have more control of your life as a mum. Look out in your emails as you will have passwords to access all the training that are available to get you started.

How often will new trainings come out?

Each month we will theme it and new content will be released based on what you ask for. There will be a guest expert each month for you to ask all your burning questions.

What if I miss live calls?

No worries, we have your back as all the calls are recorded ready for you!

How much time is needed for this?

This is holistic parenting so it’s completely up to you whatever fills your cup. I suggest you get clear on what you are most overwhelmed with and start there.

How long with you maintain access?

You will retain access to Mum VIBE Tribe materials for the duration of your subscription. If you cancel you will lose access to all materials and the founding member locked in price.

When will you get access?

The membership starts officially on Monday 2nd August but you will be sent over some bonus material for you to work through straight away.